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Spend some time with your family to discuss the following question. How do you feel that Forever Wild Children's Garden summer session is right for your family's vision for education? *
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I understand that Forever Wild Children's Garden believes that children learn through play, experience with nature, and that learning here is student led. I understand that my child will be playing and learning with other children in our gardens and that children will be invited to create, explore, and build on their knowledge. I understand that Forever Wild Children's Garden encourages children to solve problems and work, learn and play together. *
Expectations: The dynamics of this small group are VERY important to us to ensure our children are thriving. It is understood that while growing developmentally, children will have small quarrels and have their free will to test with staff at times. Situations that arise are resolved in our gardens using a restorative justice circle and it is expected that children will participate in these to solve conflicts and learn about feelings and how to handle them.                                                                                            Due to the nature of our program, your child’s membership to Forever Wild Children’s Garden can be cancelled at any time if your child fails to adhere to the behavioral expectations in place in our gardens.  If your child's membership is cancelled due to inappropriate behaviors, defiance, and/ or violence all fees are nonrefundable. We can help you to make recommendations for alternative programming in your area. *
Every family at Forever Wild has their own level of travelers' insurance, health insurance or no insurance based on their own level of comfort and desire. The children in the gardens will be running, jumping, climbing and playing together in trees, on treehouses, inside clubhouses etc. By enrolling in our program, you understand that Forever Wild is not responsible for any medical bills, medical care or has any financial responsibility to any medical care needed during their time enrolled in our program. Staff will administer basic first aid for cuts or scrapes by using bandaids, washing the area or putting an ice pack on any area swollen. However any need for further medical care will need to be the responsibility of the child's parent and parents will be asked to pick up their child if a level of care is needed. *
Please send a message to our Whatsapp +1 716 316 0807 letting us know you have submitted your registration form. Can't wait to meet your family! *
Our program is advertised in various webpages in order to promote the education of children. It is important for parents to see the activities we do as many incoming families are out of the country and unable to visit our program before they register. At times, we photograph the activities to send photos to you as well as post them as web content. As the parent or legal guardian of the child mentioned in this form, we ask that you grant Forever Wild Children’s Garden your permission to take photographs and use them for including but not limited to: projects, publicity, advertising, and web content. *
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