Survey of Three Proposed Changes to Lakeport Standards
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Roofing / Shingle Standards
1. Do you expect to replace your roof in the next *
Architectural Shingle (left) vs Existing Three-Tab Shingle (right)
2. Would you be in favor of updating the roofing standards (found at to switch from the existing Three-Tab shingle design to an Architectural / Dimensional shingle design (except where houses share the same roof)? Architectural shingles last longer (30- to 50-year guarantee vs. ~20 years), withstand higher winds (120 mph vs 60 mph), and are more typically used on high-end homes. They would add $300-$400 to the current cost of $5K-$6K for a new roof. Architectural shingles have tabs with various sizes and shapes that give them a more “dimensional” look, which means they look different from shingles currently on Lakeport homes (see above). A change to the standard would require homeowners to use the architectural shingles if/when their roof is replaced.  Because of the slow pace of roof replacements, we would expect a lengthy transition period.  It could be 20 years before all the neighborhood’s roofs have been replaced with the architectural shingles. *
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Front Door Standards
3. Homeowners have been unable to find a suitable replacement door to match the three-lite front door design that’s included in our standards (found at  Would you be in favor of amending the standards to include any of the following doors (see photos above)? If so, click “Yes,” “No,” or “No Opinion” for each option below. (Lakeport’s board will use the feedback to work with Reston Association to identify a new door design(s) to be included in the amended standard.  Vote "Yes" for as many of the doors as you like.)
No Opinion
Option A
Option B
Option C
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Screen / Storm Doors
4. Lakeport standards currently allow the single section door shown above on the left on both front and rear doors but the two-section door shown above on the right only on the rear. Note that the single-section glass door does not have a horizontal bar but the interchangeable replacement screen would have a stability bar similar to that of the two-section door with the self-storing screen. The current standard for screen/storm doors can be found at Are you in favor of amending the standard to allow the two-section screen / storm door with a self-storing retractable screen to be installed for front doors? *
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