BDC Speaking Engagement Request
Thank you for your interest in inviting BDC to participate in your event. We take every invitation seriously, which is why we're asking for the details up front. In an effort to respect your time and protect ours, please complete this form as thoroughly as you can. We'll then work together to create a impactful and memorable experience for your audience.
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If a date has not yet been determined, write "TBD." If you're flexible, please list your top three preferred dates. If the event or  your expectation of BDC's participation is longer than one calendar day, please specify.
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This includes all additional time to engage with your audience/organization beyond the scope of the presentation (e.g., multiple presentations, small group trainings, extracurricular networking, etc.).
If there are other speakers/presenters, please list them and their affiliation, or link to them.
Expected Attendance *
Describe the audience demographics, incl. their awareness of BDC, and experience with/opinion of the event and subject matter. *
Prior to the event, may BDC survey attendees for their perspective on the current drinking culture they're exposed to? Their results will be submitted anonymously. *
Note: This may not be relevant for every presentation, and will only be done with your prior approval. BDC will share the survey's aggregated data with you upon request.
Your expectations/goals for the presentation? By what metrics will you define BDC's presentation successful? *
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Check all that apply. If relevant, under "Other," please note any unique or challenging aspects of the venue.
AV | Do you expect a slideshow (i.e., a "powerpoint")? *
AV | In what format do you need presentation slides/assets delivered? Note: Slides will be formatted in 16:9. Other materials will be shared via Dropbox.
AV | How will the presentation be displayed?
AV | Will you provide a presentation clicker/remote?
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AV | Will you provide a lapel/lavalier/over-the-ear mic?
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AV | Will distributed audio be available (if not already synced to the microphone system)? *
AV | For BDC's use day of, what is the name of your WiFi network that we can log into? *
If unsure, please write "TBD." If not applicable, please write "N/A."
AV | For BDC's use day of, what is the password for that WiFi network? *
If unsure, please write "TBD." If not applicable, please write "N/A."
AV | Will there be free, dedicated WiFi for attendees? *
AV | What is the deadline for submitting presentation materials?
What is your budget for this request? *
Will you need any of the following? *
Are you interested in purchasing copies of The Drinker’s Manifesto for the event? *
Retail $14.95. Note: Custom, personalized editions for your event and/or attendees are also available (with wholesale orders of a minimum of 50 copies). Requires approximately three weeks turnaround time. Please inquire.
Are you interested in purchasing BDC T-shirts for attendees? *
Retail: T-shirts $25. Bulk pricing available. Please inquire.
(If you answered Yes to the prior question...) How many BDC T-shirts are you interested in purchasing?
Retail: T-shirts $25. Bulk pricing available. Please inquire.
What are your instructions and requirements for invoicing for payment and/or merchandise?
Will you allow BDC to distribute brand collateral to attendees (e.g., flyers, stickers, etc.)? *
Will alcohol be available for attendees? *
If 80% or more of the expected audience will be over 21, may BDC's presenter consume one alcoholic beverage on stage? *
How did you hear about BDC? *
Is there anything else relevant to your invitation that we should consider?
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