2019 Camper Registration - Agape Youth Camp Eugene
Agape Youth Camp Eugene registration is now open! Please fill out the following registration form for all Eugene area students, ages 7-17.

This year we have decided to offer two separate camps for the Eugene families, one for younger students and one for older students. The younger students (incoming 1st graders-7th graders) will attend our Adventure Camp at Camp Harlow from August 22-25. The older students (incoming 8th graders-12th graders) will attend our Excursion Camp at the Klamath River in Happy Camp, CA from June June 20-23. The Adventure Camp will look just like the past years Agape Youth Camp Eugene, the Excursion Camp will still have our same camp feel but will offer more excursion opportunities and activities on the river. We are so excited for this new opportunity for both our older and younger students and we are especially excited to be able to invite more kids to camp this summer!

The Agape Youth Camp is a camp for kids ages 7-17 who live in Oregon and either currently have, or have previously had, a parent/guardian that is incarcerated. Agape Families operates camps every summer for families living in Eugene and surrounding cities and for families living in Salem or surrounding cities. If you would like to register for the camp serving families near Salem, return to our website www.agapeyouthoregon.com/salem-register and select the Salem Camper Registration.

The dates for the Agape Youth Camp Eugene are:
Adventure Camp (incoming 1st-7th grade): August 22-25, 2019 at Camp Harlow in Eugene, OR
Excursion Camp (incoming 8th-12th grade): June 20-23, 2019 at the Klamath River in Happy Camp, CA (Agape will provide transportation)

If you have any questions please email us at agapefamilies.eugene@gmail.com.

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