Ski Information
Below is some information pertaining to our ski trip on Wednesday, 4 Sept 2019.

Venue:- The Remarkables
Costs:- This year we will work out the cost of the adults skiing once we know the number of children who are going as this will have a bearing on the final cost. The breakdown of the children’s cost is as follows.
$75 for the lesson, rental of equipment and ski lift + $38 for the bus.
$113 Pupil - skiing Adult - skiing - To be advised
$113 Pupil - snowboarding Adult - snowboarding - To be advised
$38.00 Adult - non-skiing

Payments for children need to be made to the School office on Wednesday, 14 August at 9 am. Parents will be advised of their cost by Friday 15 August because this may vary depending on how many children go skiing and we ask that this payment is made by Thursday 22nd August. Adults when you are completing the online form please indicate if you require a lesson and if you need to rent skis/ snowboard etc. If you have your own gear you are able to take it.
If we do not have the numbers to make the trip viable on Wednesday, 14 August we will open the trip up to siblings of children who attend Makarewa and possibly other schools.

Programme:- Leave School 5.30 a.m. (sharp)., pick up people at Ryal Bush at 5.35 a.m. It is essential that we leave on time as our lessons start at 9.00 a.m.
All children have a lesson (1 hour 25 min). Parents you have a choice.
After the lesson students ski in designated areas with parents/teacher supervision as required.
All people travelling on the bus must be off the mountain by 2.30pm to return their gear.
Bus leaves the mountain at 3.00 p.m. Ryal Bush drop off 5.30 p.m. Makarewa at 5.35 p.m.

Numbers:- 49 places have been booked on the field.

Please Note – All children Year 4 and under to be accompanied by an adult.

Transport:- Our bus takes 49 people. If people decide to take their own vehicle and there are insufficient people travelling on the bus to cover the cost, they will still be charged the bus fee.

Postponement:- If necessary a decision will be made on Monday 2 Sept morning. The alternative date has yet to be arranged.

Clothes:- I have the following recommendations:-
• layers of clothing on the top half e.g. singlet, t-shirt, skivvy, warm jersey or polyprops.
• a reasonably waterproof, wind-proof outer layer e.g. ski suit, ski overalls, or jacket top, leggings or nylon tracksuit trousers below.
• a long pair of thick socks e.g. rugby socks
• hat and gloves (waterproof)
• goggles or sunglasses
• lip cream, sunscreen etc.
I would like all first-time skiers to bring the ‘outer layers’ of their gear (including hat and gloves) to school on, Tuesday, 27 August for a “fashion parade” so that I can be assured that all children will have the right gear. Please do not feel you need to buy any new clothes for your children; we can borrow most of what is required and I will help to arrange lending and borrowing between pupils at school if necessary.

Food:- Children will need food and drinks for morning tea, lunch and a snack for the bus trip home after an exhausting day’s skiing. A full canteen operates at Remarkables - e.g. $10 will purchase a coke and a pie.

Ski Information: This year we are again using an online system to collect the ski information. The ski information will be gathered by completing an online form, which can be found on the school website ( or facebook page ( or via School Stream. If you do not have access to the internet see the office. All information for parents and children must be completed by Wednesday, 14 August.

NOTE: Please note that anyone that withdraws from the ski trip 48 hours before the day will still need to pay the cost of skiing as the ski field will still charge us.

Any Questions:- please contact the School.

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