Wawa Music Festival Feedback Survey
The Board of Directors of the Wawa Music Festival would like to know what we are doing well, what we need to improve and what steps we should take to improve and grow Wawa's only annual music festival. By completing the survey you will receive a single discount on the 2019 music festival and have an opportunity to influence the direction of the festival in Wawa.
If you would like a discount for the next festival we will need your email address.
Your answer
What age group do you fall into?
Did you attend this year's music festival?
How many times did you attended a music festival in Wawa in the past 5 years?
Do you intend on attending our Festival in 2019?
Do you like the first weekend in July as the date?
For each of the following genres of music please indicate whether we should provide more or less bands of the type.
The Same
Hip hop or Rap
Local artists and bands
What experience do you want to get from coming to our festival? (check all that apply)
In the past how many indoor venues would you attend during the festival?
Based on your personal experience, how would you classify each of our three venues? (choose all that apply)
Lakeview Hotel
The Legion
Wawa Community Center
Would never attend/don't feel comfortable here
Have or would attend but my least favourite choice
Have and would attend
Have or would attend and my favorite
If you haven't attended all three venues could you select reasons why? (check all that apply)
We have always ran three indoor venues. Would you like us to continue running multiple venues or run multiple stages in a single venue?
Assuming we keep the current format, would you like each venue to play many different genres of music?
Would you prefer all indoor stages? (check all that apply)
If we kept things the same how much would you be willing to pay for a weekend pass?
If we decided to bring in more popular bands, keeping in mind that it would increase our expenses, how much would you be willing to spend on a weekend pass?
Would you be willing to volunteer your time in some way to make next year's festival a success?
What do we really need to know if we want this festival to grow and improve over the next few years?
Your answer
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