Application: Volunteer Positions at Museums+Tech 2019
MCG’s Museums+Tech 2019 with the theme of ‘Openness’ is shaping up to be a great event. As always, we are sure that attendees at this year’s event in the British Library will come away both inspired and challenged by the day. In-keeping with the theme of ‘openness’, we also want to make sure the messages emerging from our conference are not limited to those in attendance but shared widely in the sector. This reflects our constant ambition to reach and engage new audiences. To help us achieve this we have a small number of volunteer positions available.

In return for your assistance, you will be provided with free entry to Museums+Tech 2019 and an additional £100 to cover travel and other expenses - plus it looks great on your CV!

Through these volunteer positions we hope to specifically support individuals who may otherwise be unable to attend. In particular, we would greatly welcome applications from unwaged/low-waged individuals, those in small museums, early career professionals and students.

The deadline for applications is 13th September 2019

We are interested in hearing how you can help us reach new audiences and help everyone learn from our speakers. You can be as creative or as traditional as you like, as we hope to reach as broad an audience as possible. In the past we have had volunteers use social media and blogs, submit reports to specialist publications and share information with local colleagues. In addition, if you can contribute skills such as photography, social media, or anything else you think would be relevant on the day, then please let us know in the application.

We will respond to successful applicants by 20th September.

If you have any questions about volunteering please email Brian (
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