2019 Bernal Heights Outdoor Cinema Audience Survey
Please take a minute to let us know your thoughts. Help up plan our next season! Thanks in advance!
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1. How did you learn about the screenings?
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2. Have you used www.bhoutdoorcine.org for information?
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3. What social network sites do you use?
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4. In which neighborhood do you live? How long have you lived there?
5. Which screenings did/will you attend? (Check multiple)
6. How many people were in your party at the Outdoor Cinema screening(s) you attended(children, adults, seniors)?
7. How did you arrive?
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8. How many other years have you attended? We began in 2004.
9. If you attended/plan to attend the event at Precita Park, did you
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10. What kinds of films do you want to see
11. What other sites for screenings would you suggest?
12. Comments? Suggestions for next year?
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