Force the Issue NJ - Volunteer Form
Thank you for participating in our first membership survey! Your responses will help us understand who is interested in participating in Force the Issue NJ, and what - specifically - they may be interested in doing to move the progressive agenda forward in our community.

We will use this information to compile a “talent bank” of our supporters and members in order to make informed decisions on what initiatives to pursue and in order to direct specific volunteer recruitment efforts towards those members who will be most receptive to them.

For example:

If you speak a language other than English and are interested in helping new immigrants on weekends, we will find opportunities with organizations for you to do just that!

If you love sports and working with children on weekdays, we will match you up with one of the many wonderful programs throughout the County.

If you are experienced in building websites and applications and can work on evenings, we may just keep you all to ourselves, so you can help us build our interactive volunteer calendar application!

Please further note that access to this information will be strictly limited to the leadership and board of Force the Issue NJ and no information will EVER be disclosed to third parties without your expressed permission.

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