sign the petition! NO to Pinyon Group's 468 Luxury Apts at ave 34/ pasadena ave. A direct threat to Lincoln Heights. City Hall sponsored cultural genocide of 90031. ⬇️ No a la construcción de 468 apartamentos de lujo en la ave 34 / Pasadena ave. LINCOLN HEIGHTS DEMANDS EQUITY, RACIAL JUSTICE & REPRESENTATION
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A 468 unit Luxury development is being imposed on us at ave 34/ Pasadena Ave. This is the biggest development in the history of Lincoln Heights. A project of this magnitude will increase illegal evictions in Lincoln Heights and contribute to the Ellis acting of multi family properties. Our affordable housing stock will be seized by flippers and investors and lifelong residents will be permanently displaced or homeless.
This petition is not a request. It's a Demand by the 30,000 residents of Lincoln Heights for Gil Cedillo, Pinyon Group and LA City Planning to face the People who will be affected by this project for the rest of their lives. A 468 unit Luxury development (or 86% "unaffordable" w/ only 66 "affordable" closet sized units that the community will never get and most cant qualify for) at ave 34/ Pasadena Ave is a threat to our health and well being. Gentrification is violence on Lincoln Height's working class (19%) Asian and (77%) Brown brothers and sisters. Lincoln Heights is the oldest most historically diverse neighborhood in LA and residents have had to endure generations of racial inequity. 77% of Lincoln Heights residents are renters - the majority with a median household income below $30k a year. We have the lowest home ownership rate in LA at 23% from historic redlining, discriminatory bank lending and racist deed covenants. Why aren't we being included in the dialogue? This housing is not for our community and will only serve to displace us. This is the largest development in the history of Lincoln Heights and the community was never informed or included in the conversation. Lincoln Heights neighborhood council was bypassed and never approved the project. The city approved this by fast tracking it during Covid-19 and the City Hall Pay-to-Play scandal. How do we know the politicians and developers weren’t doing back door deals on this project? Is it ethical for City Hall to push a project of this magnitude on an already suffering community thats currently being illegally evicted and displaced? Neither the city, the councilman or the developer facilitated a single conversation with the public for the biggest development in the history of our neighborhood. City Planning went ahead and approved it. We demand transparency from our elected officials and a seat at the table regarding this new construction. This is the year 2020, not 1940. The people of Lincoln heights demand to be heard. This is part of a long trajectory fulfilling City Hall's agenda to displace and erase our community.
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