Map Lab: What Fits Where?
Use the Continental Drift Puzzle by Cornell University ( to examine the processes of continental drive and answer the series of questions below.
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Geoinquiry Thought Questions
Answer the series of questions below based on information from the Ratite Distribution webmap (
1. Which continental plates seem to fit together easily? As in, which continents seem to naturally fit in with one another? *
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2. Which continental plates or landmasses were the most difficult to determine their placement? *
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3. Based on the Continental Drift theory which areas would you expect to be most similar to one another? (In terms of flora and fauna) Choose one continent and explain your answer using evidence from the map quest or the illustration below. *
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4. Based on the theories of continental drift what additional theories can be made about the distribution of plants and animals around the world? (Explain one theory?) *
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