Podcasting Webinar with Honey LaBronx
Ben Strothmann, aka Honey LaBronx, the Vegan Drag Queen, and also host of the podcast Big Fat Vegan Radio, is putting together an online webinar to show YOU all the tips and tricks he has learned in 7 years of recording, producing, and publishing his own podcast.

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At this time a date has not been selected, and a price has not been set. Still figuring that out, but fill out your info and you'll be updated as soon as there is more info!
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Because of the security risks with Zoom (they're much worse than what's being reported) I am planning to use Jitsi, a completely free, open source program that works exactly like Zoom. It's definitely not as glamorous, but it has all the same functionality. If you can, please check out Jitsi.org (link below) to get set up, to familiarize yourself with the program, and please try a few test calls with it (preferably a group video chat) before our webinar!
Tell me a little about your experience with podcasting, with audio recording/editing, how tech savvy you are, and whether you have any existing podcasting equipment (headphones, microphone, pop filter, mic stand or boom arm, computer, etc...)
What interests you in podcasting, and what do you hope to create from this information?
I plan on sharing as much as I know, hopefully in one course (but I'm open to having additional courses). I'd like to know what kind of things you'd like to learn about specifically. I have a general idea of what I'd like to cover. Things like:
RECORDING (yourself, interviews, guests, sound quality), EDITING (converting audio files, stereo vs. mono, enhancing the sound quality), PUBLISHING (everything it takes to get your podcast off your computer and into people's ears), TIPS/TRICKS/ADVICE...
Please tell me what you are hoping to get out of this course! *
If you know me, you know I can talk, and I LOVE explaining and demonstrating stuff. So this class could easily go 12 hours and I probably wouldn't get bored teaching. Keep in mind, I'd be willing to do several classes if I felt we needed multiple classes to go over everything (there is..... a LOT to know with podcasting!)
So... that said... How long is your attention span for such a class? Would you want one hour classes? Two? (I feel like I'd need at least 2 hours per class). Longer? *
What do you think would be a fair price for this course? I'd like to make it available to anyone regardless of their financial situation, but to be clear this would be a money making venture for me (as I'm not able to tour with my show, so hey! Improvise!) Keep in mind it may take more than just one class to go over everything. Maybe even 3 or 4 classes -- I'll be feeling it out as I haven't quite done this before. *
In your answer, consider: Would you want this to be - you pay by the hour? You pay per class? You pay a one time fee for an entire package? Perhaps allowing those who can't pay to join, but limiting questions to paying guests?
Okay, that's all. You can get the hell out of my office now. Oh and hey -- hit that submit button for me below, okay?
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