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In order to apply for either the DFN Youth Ambassador Team Leader or Team Member positions you must:
1. Submit this Passion Project Form
2. Submit the Personal Information Form
Both items must be submitted online or via email by Friday 19th July 2019

To complete this form you will need to outline an idea for a Passion Project (a fundraising campaign) that you could complete with the help of a team within a 6 month timeframe (July 2019 – December 2019). Your Passion Project should focus on one of the four key areas below that DFN works with in India and raise both funds and awareness for the cause.

- Providing business grants to women so they can purchase a cart and some goods to sell. These grants also provide the women with basic business training to ensure business sustainability.
- Purchasing buffaloes for families so they can have enough milk for the family as well as sell the surplus.

- DFN employs Community Health Workers who provide rural Dalit communities with health care and basic hygiene information that they are so often refused.
- Mobile Health Clinics operate around India, travelling to Dalit communities to share the love of God and provide medical checkups.
- Permanent Health Clinics are being constructed in strategic impoverished areas to ensure the healthy growth of future generations.

- Child Sponsorships are raised so that Dalit children can go to school. Often these children are refused education because of their caste.
- Education provides vital opportunities for Dalit children to escape systemic poverty by gaining employable skills including maths, English, Hindi literacy and global awareness.

The Jogini Practice is where young girls are dedicated to the temple Goddess, becoming a sexual slave for the village. DFN work to educate these women, show them they have worth through rehabilitation, and help them leave this illegal and atrocious system. Jogini Village Leaders and Community Health workers are employed to carry out this work. A new shelter is being constructed to take in young girls who are identified as at high-risk of being dedicated. Often they already have Joginis in their family and when the opportunity is there for them to escape dedication their families are very grateful.

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