Neighbors Fund Application
FUMCB provides emergency help to our neighbors through our Neighbors Fund, a fund made possible by donations of members of the Bellevue First United Methodist community to assist those in need. Such needs might include financial assistance with utilities, rent, transportation, food, or personal items. A person does not need to be a member of our church to receive these funds. Funds are dispersed based on need and fund availability based on parameters set by the Neighbors Fund Team.

Please note the following conditions for assistance:

1. Every person inquiring of funds must complete an application (this document)
2. Once paperwork has been submitted and the need approved we will work as quickly as possible, but it may take up to a week for funds to be received
3. We cannot provide financial assistance for over-the-counter medicine or prescription medicine
4. No request for financial assistance can be completed over the phone
5. We cannot guarantee that every request for financial assistance will be approved
What is your full name? *
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If you are regularly employed, where do you work and how long have you worked there? *
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By when are funds needed? *
Please provide the name and address for each party to whom requested funds are to be paid. *
Briefly describe specific circumstances that have created this need. *
What other support agencies have you contacted for assistance and what was their response? (Food Bank, Hopelink, etc.) *
Please tell us about others in your household (age, employment, etc.) *
What options are available to you for support/assistance from family members? *
What types of financial assistance, if any, do you currently receive regularly? *
If this is a recurring need (a bill you receive each month for instance), how do you plan to address it in the future? *
Is there any more information you wish to provide to help us make a decision about your request?
Are you related to anyone who is a member of Bellevue First United Methodist Church? *
If yes, who?
Please fill in your name below, as you would a signature, attesting to the fact that you have provided honest and accurate information and that you fully understand the process and purpose of the financial assistance which is being provided. *
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