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Please complete the following fields to ensure that your child's iPad is insured. Failure to return this form with the required information will result in your child's iPad being uninsured and will not be able to be sent in for repair. Our insurance policy will be updated once per marking period, so new devices will be able to be added to the policy should your child change devices throughout the year or enroll midyear.

iPad insurance will be updated in August, October, February, and April for the 2018-2019 school year. Please submit all forms by Friday, August 31, 2018 to ensure year long coverage for your child's device.

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12.8 inch iPad PRO is NOT ABLE TO BE INSURED and is not recommended for student use. 2nd Generation iPads are STRONGLY discouraged. They can no longer be updated and will not run many school required apps. iPad Mini does not meet the minimum requirement for school use.
Storage Capacity *
To determine the storage capacity of the iPad access "Settings" then "General" then "About". See picture below for more information. Choose the capacity listed that is CLOSEST to the capacity given on your iPad about page.
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The serial number of the iPad can be found by accessing "Settings" then "General" then "About".
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PLEASE READ: Student iPads are insured by the school through Worth Ave. Group. Parents are required to complete this iPad Form in order for student iPads to be insured. Our insurance policy is updated quarterly to allow for new devices to be added. Should your child begin to use a new device, you will be required to submit another insurance form. Any iPad that is uninsured will not be eligible for repair through the school. Students whose iPads are sent out for repair by the school will be given a Pace Brantley owned iPad for school use until their device is returned. Students that have uninsured iPads will not be eligible for a loaner iPad and the family will be responsible for providing a working device for the student. Students are required to keep their iPads in a military style case and will not be permitted to pick up their repaired iPad without providing one. Students with repeated claims may be asked to pay a deductible. *
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