Year 7 Retrieval Practice 1: England in the 1060s
To help prepare for your first history quiz.
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1. What was the population of England in 1060? *
1 point
2. What is the word used for the study of population and the groups that make up a population? *
1 point
3. Select the correct THREE features of Anglo-Saxon England (pre-1060) *
3 points
4. Along with the rest of Europe, the people of England followed which religion? *
1 point
5. Who was Head of the Church, and in charge of the bishops and priests in England? (Clue: he was based in Rome) *
1 point
6. Choose the description that BEST fits the Church at this time *
1 point
7. Almost everyone went to Church every Sunday, prayed frequently, and paid money to the Church because... *
1 point
8. Why was the Church so important in terms of hearing and spreading news? *
1 point
9. What was the name of the first Norman King, who had to put down many rebellions to establish his control over Anglo Saxon England in 1066? *
1 point
10. Which area of Anglo Saxon England was most resistant to William, and was severely punished by him in what is known as 'harrying'? *
1 point
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