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Thank you for your interest in Monat (Mo-Nate). With this naturally based hair care for both men and women, I am convinced you will enjoy your results! Our products can help with all hair types, it can help regrow, repair and rejuvenate your hair.

PLEASE NOTE: A sample is a great way to experience the feel and smell of the product but will in no way be able to show you Monat's full potential. You will not experience re-growth or thickening from this sample alone. However, if you want real results, take advantage of Monat's 90 day plan and their 30 day return policy to experience the full potential and the magic that I have experienced from Monat!

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I will be in touch soon with the MONAT samples for you. Once the samples are sent, I will follow up to be sure you enjoy your Custom MONAT experience! xoxo, Danica
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