Summer Songwriting Class — Survey
Hi! — I am hoping to put together an online class on Songwriting Craft this summer. This will depend on finding a format and curriculum that appeals to enough people. So, I am hoping to get a sense of what people are interested in... Thanks!
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What are you interested in learning about / working on?
How would you describe your level of experience?
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Do you have a preference among these scenarios?
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If there are assignments, would you be interested in collaborating with other people in the class?
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What sort of schedule is closest to what you are looking for?
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The class will likely include both: 1) lectures on craft and study and analysis of great songs, but also 2) assignments and feedback on your own work. What would your ideal balance be? More towards 1 = more lectures, etc. More towards 10 = more assignments, feedback on your own work
Lectures/Analysis etc.
Feedback on My Own Work
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Other thoughts — feel free to elaborate on any of your responses above, anything about format, schedule, content... anything you might be looking for in the class.
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