iSAFE Mental Health Survey
This survey is intended to understand and evaluate the extent the internet and the pandemic has affected kids and teenagers regarding mental health and their interactions online. All data collected is anonymous and strictly confidential.

There are so many organizations advocating and making a difference in the cyber safety of children and teens that continue to improve and make the online world safer. However, our goal as an organization is to specifically help our community and our schools through our understanding of the current system and our experiences online.

We have designed this survey incorporating some elements from several previously published surveys by UNICEF, Pew Research, and COX Communications.

Internet Safety for Everyone is not liable for any events relating to participation in the survey. If you are struggling, please reach out to your parents, friends, teachers, or call one of the following San Diego mental health hotlines:
- 24-Hour Crisis Response: 800-479-3339
- Girls Town and Boys Town 24-Hour Teen Hotline: 800-448-3000
- Youth to Youth Hotline: 866-222-1886
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1. Are you a: *
2. What grade are you in? *
3. What is your gender? *
4. What School District do you go to? *
5. Which, if any, of the following social media platforms do you use? *
6. How much time, on a school day, do you spend online for school (outside of live instructional time)? *
7. How much time per day do you spend on social media? *
8. What grade were you in when you were first made aware of mental health? *
9. How was your mental health pre-COVID? *
10. How is your mental health now?
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11. How has COVID affected your mental health, for better or for worse?
12. How do you think social media has affected your mental health? *
Very negatively
Very positively
13. Do you have access to mental health resources? *
14. Do you have access to a trusted friend or adult that you can talk to about mental health? *
15. Personally, what are different techniques you have used to monitor and/or improve your mental health?
16. Do you talk about your personal mental health with your friends or peers? Why or why not?
17. Has you or your friend’s mental health ever been negatively impacted as a result of being a target of cyberbullying? What happened? If action was taken, what steps did you take to resolve the issue?
18. What advice would you give to a person struggling with mental health related to social media/ distance learning?  
19. Can we share your thoughts about the previous short answer questions on our social media anonymously? *
20. Any Additional Comments?
Thank you for taking our survey!
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