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Hi there! I am very excited to be involved in your High School Senior experience in the very near future! Interested in becoming a Senior Rep when the time comes? Fill out the form below to be considered. THIS FORM IS NOT A  CONTRACT at all. It is simply the first step to apply.

Fill out all of this information to get started.     :-)   NOTE: This program is for a wide radius of high schools.  If you are further out past Southern Indiana, simply message me to see if my program includes your high school. It just might!
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Watch this video and see if my work is something that matches you and your vision.
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Lang Photography is looking at the possibility to do something positive for the community.  This could be some kind of community service type thing that would be fun & rewarding.    What kind of idea would you think that would be amazing to do in order to help the community in some way as a Lang Photography group? *
One very important step for Rick Lang Photography's program to be successful is that people know about it.    Please message at least 2 people this form to encourage them to fill this out.  More is actually better if you can name more than that.  Doing this will help reach those that would like the opportunity.  Write those two names that you sent this to here.  **Also, sending them this link will be the most effective way to reach them in a very easy way.** *
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Thank you for taking the time to fill all of this out. Do you have anything you want to ask or say right now?
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