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Plan for the 2021-2022 season
We are so excited to be planning our return to in-person rehearsals and performances! We can't wait to catch up with old friends and welcome new members into the fold. We will ease back into in-person events, responding to the comfort levels of our members as we go. We will likely start with masked, physically distanced outdoor rehearsals, transitioning to indoor rehearsals. Depending on registration numbers and indoor capacity limits, we may divide our indoor rehearsals by voice part and have members attend one of two shorter rehearsals in an evening, or try a hybrid approach where some sections meet in person and others meet virtually. We will have to be adaptable to the changing guidelines!

Alison has chosen the theme of “Community, Hope, and Inspiration” for the fall term. We have a great set of music that will remind you why you love to sing! A full-capacity January concert may not be realistic, but we could aim for a small in-person audience and make a digital recording of this concert available to our remote audience.

The spring term gives us a little more flexibility, as the concert in May could be presented outdoors if need be. Rainbow Chorus will go on tour in late June to present music from the spring term! We're heading to Halifax to participate in Unison, Canada's LGBTQ+ choral gathering which takes place every 4 years.

Until public health guidelines suggest otherwise, we will be requiring masks and physical distancing at all Rainbow Chorus rehearsals and performances. Singing members will be required to be vaccinated and to wear the masks that we provide- they are specifically designed for safe singing. Covid protocols and policies will be emailed to you once you pre-register with this form, or look at:

Mark your calendars! Our first rehearsal for the fall term is Sept 15th at 7pm, at Harcourt in the outdoor courtyard (87 Dean Avenue, Guelph). We can't wait to see you there!
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The Chorus may be filmed, televised, or photographed for public distribution. Some photos may appear on the public portion of the website or on our social media accounts. Members not wishing to have their identifiable likenesses included in these opportunities must indicate on this registration form or in writing to a board member. Those who participate in these opportunities without having notified the Board are considered to have given their consent to such use. While the Board will endeavour to respect your wishes, it should be noted that performances are in public venues, and as such no guarantee can be made that your image will not be recorded or distributed by a member of the public.
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