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Thank you so much for considering me to be your placenta preparation specialist. Please fill out the below placenta in-take form. If there are any questions please email or call 866-700-9983

I offer two types of methods for placenta encapsulation. Steamed w/lemon and ginger and RAW preparation. They are both dehydrated until crisp. With the steam, I steam the placenta for about 8 mins with lemon and ginger, slice it and then dehydrate it for about 12 hours. With the raw method I slice and place directly on the dehydrator for 12-16 hours until completely dry. Once the placenta is completely dehydrated then I grind it up and put the powder in vegetarian capsules. Both methods still have the same effect but raw is sometimes stronger and yield more capsules. Steamed helps seal the nutrients and is the traditional way of placenta encapsulation. Also the idea in postpartum is to eat foods that are warming. RAW is more popular for people who eat a raw foods diet.

STEAMED: In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) placenta has been used to treat all sorts of disharmonies and disorders of the female system. It is believed that when a mother gives birth she has all this excess space within her that creates an imbalance and lack of Chi. The mother then is to be kept warm and served warming foods. The placenta is prepared for the mother to take to help warm and balance her Chi. Placenta medicine is often mixed with herbs (though I don’t at present since I am not trained Chinese herbalists). It is also used at first menstruation and during menopause. With TCM preparation, your placenta is carefully rinsed and then gently heated with steam on the stove with lemon and ginger in the water (these herbs are considered warming herbs that provide additional heat to the mother’s body).Then your placenta is sliced and dehydrated.

RAW: Some women believe that the Raw Method provides more upfront energy and preserves the hormones better in the placenta. Some women also believe it is stronger in potency. When preparing Raw your placenta is carefully rinsed, then it is sliced and put into the dehydrator at a slightly lower temperature then with TCM. Raw Method can take a bit longer to dehydrate since no liquid has been removed in its preparation. I do not recommend RAW for people with a sensitivity to hormonal birth control or previous mood disorders.

Tinctures: I take a thumbnail size of placenta and place it in 4-5 oz of Triple Distilled 100 proof Vodka. It cures for 6 weeks before use. Tinctures have the same hormones and benefits as the pills and just last indefinitely.

Some of the things that placenta can help with are:

-Help with once menstrual period returns

-Hormonal balance during menopause

- Preventing and lessening the risk ‘baby blues’

- Replenishing your iron from blood loss during birth and to prevent post birth anemia

- Lending you a consistent flow of oxytocin long after your birth euphoria ends

- Providing the HPL hormone to help establish early and healthy milk supply

- To stabilize your ever changing hormones post birth

- To replenish your B vitamins and energy that were used during the labor and birth.

- Protection from infection and bleeding due to retained placenta tissue or membranes- Offer natural pain relief from the labor and birth of the baby

-Helps child through transitional phases of life

Some of the hormones present in the placenta are:

• Oxytocin- The feel good or love hormone. Creates feelings of bonding, pain relief, happiness and elation.

• Cortisone- This hormone unlocks energy stored in the body and combats stress. (cortisol) Interferon- This hormones stimulates the immune system to fight off infections while the mother is healing from birth.

• Prostaglandins- Acts as an anti-inflammatory.

• Hemoglobin- Replenishes iron, stimulates iron production in blood.

• Urokinase inhibiting factor and factor XIII- Lessens bleeding and promotes faster healing.

• Prolactin- Stimulates healthy mammary function and milk production.

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