Sunnybrook Holiday Vendor Fair Application
Please complete this form to be considered for our Holiday Vendor Sale, taking place on Wednesday December 4, 2019.

Due to space limitations, and to provide a wide variety of vendors to our customers, we cannot guarantee that all vendors will be accepted into the Fair.

** Acceptance/Wait List notices will be sent 1-2 weeks after application deadline.

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Please note that we have a limited number of power outlets and cannot guarantee access to an outlet for every vendor. Power bars & Extension cords are not provided; please bring your own.
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Tables are approximately 2' x 6' and include 3' - 4' of space behind them. Please note that due to space limitations we may not be able to accommodate all requests for multiple tables.
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Please provide a detailed list or description of the products or services you intend to offer at the Fair. The more detailed your description, the better we can place you in the final floor plan.
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Terms & Conditions
All Vendors are required to stay until the end of the sale.

Approximately 35 Tables are available, due to space limitations. Due to the overwhelming response from particular types of vendors (i.e. jewellery), we reserve the right to limit the number and type of vendors at the show. This way, all of our vendors will be happy and people who attend the show will have a variety of goods to choose from. Maximum two 6 foot tables per vendor, though a second table is not guaranteed.

Actual start and end times are not yet fully confirmed, but we are expecting to be open to the public from 9am to 4pm. Please note that these times are subject to change.
Vendors will be notified of the confirmed open times in their Acceptance/Wait List notices.

The same Policies & Procedures apply for Vendor Fairs as for regular bookings:

Merchandise must be displayed in a professional manner; proper plastic storage containers are appropriate, whereas cartons and cardboard boxes are not. These and any plastic bags must be hidden out of the way. Planters, signs, railings and ceilings are NOT to be used for merchandise display. If your display requires electricity, kindly mark that information on the Vendor Booking form. You must bring your own power source (ie. Extension cord).

Vendors must display and sell only the types of merchandise that have been previously disclosed on your application form and approved by the Hospital in advance of the sale date. (i.e. if you tell us you sell product “A” you must set up and operate a vendor display for product “A”. You cannot set up a different or an additional product line we have not approved in advance.)

Hospital Policies:
1. Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre is a smoke-free facility. There is no smoking allowed ANYWHERE on the property (inside or outside). Fines will be issued to anyone found smoking on the property and are the responsibility of the individual.
2. Sunnybrook has a scent-free policy. To respect patients and others for whom scents can be disturbing, any person entering the facility is asked to refrain from wearing scented products. This means that if you sell scented products, particularly colognes, perfumes, lotions, they are not to be opened or sampled.
3. To comply with fire and security regulations, no goods may be displayed in the hallways or aisles. No garments may be hung from notice boards or doors. All hallways/doorways must be kept clear for pedestrian, wheelchair, and stretcher access at all times.

Not Permitted at any time:
1. Lingerie cannot be displayed or sold. Hosiery is acceptable.
2. Any products or services considered to be health supplements (e.g. vitamins, weight-loss, “miracle cures,” or prosthetics)
3. No noise-making products.
4. No Home-Made food products (see below)
5. Food vendors are Subject to Additional Requirements:
a. Any vendor bringing FOOD PRODUCTS MUST have their City of Toronto (or applicable municipality) Dine Safe Pass. The individual who will be staffing the booth must have their FOOD HANDLING CERTIFICATE with them. Vendors who have been accepted will be requested to submit copies of required documents by email in order to participate in the Sunnybrook Vendor Fair.

And save the date for the Spring Vendor Fair: Thursday April 9, 2020!

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