2017 Watershed Steward of the Year Nomination Form
The "Watershed Steward of the Year" is nominated by peers, selected by peers and celebrated with peers at the annual Salt Lake County Watershed Symposium, https://2017watershedsymposium.sched.com.

This award is given to an individual who is (or should be) recognized and celebrated as a watershed hero! Someone who successfully helps to restore and improve our rivers and watershed, consistently works to sustain the health of our rivers, and who we think about while drinking, kayaking, fishing and enjoying our local waters.
Nomination Guidelines
• DUE by 12:00 PM on NOV 16
• Limited to one person*
• Award will be presented during lunch on Day 2 of the Watershed Symposium (Nov 16)
• You must attend the Symposium and be present during the drawings to win prizes

Watershed Steward of the Year recognizes individuals in the watershed movement who:
• Provide leadership
• Inspire the work of others
• Utilize innovative strategies and techniques to achieve significant results
• Foster the growth and sustainability of a watershed community

*NOTE: While Salt Lake County Watershed understands and appreciates the inspirational work done by couples, trios, teams, committees, entire organizations and groups of organizations; this award is designed to honor individuals.
Nominate and you'll be entered into prize drawings!
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