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Before you submit your event request, please familiarize yourself with the overview information below.

- Cloud City Garrison (the "bad guys") and Kashyyyk Base (the "good guys") work together to staff volunteers at events as a combined Star Wars Oregon group. We represent both the 501st Legion and the Rebel Legion. If you have already submitted a request through one of those groups, you don’t need to fill this out. If you fill this out, you don’t need to request through those groups.

- We are an entirely volunteer group that donates our time and resources for Star Wars costuming. We aren’t actors, and we do not “perform” at events. We are happy to pose for pictures and mingle and interact with guests at your event.

- Most of our events are scheduled at least 4-8 weeks in advance though we can sometimes accommodate events happening sooner than that. We may not be able to commit to an appearance until 4-7 days prior to the event date. Our ability to commit to an event depends entirely upon our volunteers' availability.

- We cannot guarantee a specific number or type of characters for an event, but if you have specific requests, we will try our best to honor them. The more general your requests, the better the chances are that we'll be able to help.

- Our costumes are custom made to fit their owners and cost anywhere from hundreds to thousands of dollars to make. We do not rent or loan out costumes for others to wear.

- We make appearances for free. Donations are not expected for events that already have a charitable aspect. For all other events, donations to charity on our behalf are always optional and are often motivating for volunteers.
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Most of these questions are not required; however, the more questions you are able to answer, the easier time we'll have coordinating volunteers. Please give us as much information as possible.

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