Emerging Scholars Profile 2020 Form
As an Emerging Scholars Program (ESP) scholar we would like to highlight you on the web page. Please complete the below form by Saturday, February 1, 2020. You can also email a pictures, a head shot and a research or hobby picture which will be included on your page.
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List awards/scholarships. Include year of award/scholarship. List them in chronological order starting with the oldest and ending with the newest/current award . Put N/A if no academic awards.
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List any volunteer work that you have done or are doing currently. Put N/A if no volunteer activities.
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This should be a picture of your head and shoulders, suitable for publication in a professional publication. Email your picture to jmoses@aa.ufl.edu
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You can email a photo of yourself involved in your hobby or research. Email to Mrs. Jennie Moses, jmoses@aa.ufl.edu.
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I agree to let the Center for Undergraduate Research use my photo(s) in either print or webpage for CUR activiities only.
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