August Preorder Super Sale & Giveaway 8/1-31
Purpose: Promote your preorder and grow your social media.

Dates: August 1-31

What: Any preorders whether they're going live in August, or later.

Cost: $10 to share the preorder during the month of August, plus we promote it in the email blast and website on release day, if it is priced $2.99 or less. $5 to add an additional day, $5 to promote on one of our sister sites. Sorry, our sites only promote books priced $2.99 or less. If your book is priced higher, we can feature your preorder, but won't be able to share it on release day. (Instead, you could order a blitz from us for release day exposure!)

Sign up and we'll use the power of group promotion to push sales on your preorder. We'll create the sale & giveaway, then assemble a promotion package for everyone to share.

Have questions? Contact Nicole:

August Preorder Sale & Giveaway
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Release Date: Please use two digits for the month, two digits for the date, and four digits for the year. For example: August 8, 2017 would be: 08/08/2017
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Would you like to promote on release for one day or two?
Promote on additional sites upon release. $5 for 2 days/per site.
I understand in order to participate, my invoice must be paid by July 28th at 12pm EST and I'll be happy to share the promotion package, which will be available in the FB group and sent by email later that day.
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