Girls Blackhawks Spring 2021 Uniform Agreement
Please read in full with your athlete. Typing both your names and date will count as your signature and acknowledgment of our code of conduct.
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Uniform Agreement
You must sign for, agree, and understand that the uniform(s) will be returned in
clean and in good condition to the Blackhawks Girls Lacrosse Club.

• If lost, stolen or not returned, you will be charged for the replacement of each
• If there are any problems with the uniform(s), please consult your coach for
replacement or adjustments.
• Please help us keep our uniforms in good condition to get proper use of them and
avoid unnecessary costs.
• Uniforms are for the players use only and not for the siblings or parents to wear.
• Game Jersey’s and Game Skorts are for games only and not to be worn to

Parent will assume full responsibility for the care and maintenance of the uniform
provided to my child and I agree to pay full replacement costs of any items that may
become lost or stolen or damaged as a result of mistreatment, carelessness or neglect.
I further understand that the uniform is the property of Blackhawks Girls Lacrosse Club
and will be returned upon the end of the season or the withdrawal of my child from the

If items are lost, damaged, or not returned, replacement costs are as follows:
Game Jersey cost - $40
Practice Jersey cost - $25
Game Skort cost - $25
I have received the following items from the Blackhawks Girls Lacrosse Club. Please check all that apply.
Game Jersey #
Game Skort
Practice Jersey
Jersey Number and size if applicable
Skort Size if Applicable
Practice Jersey Number if applicable
Parent/Guardian signature and date *
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