District 4 Sheltering Options Public Survey
The Mayor has asked each Council Member to identify locations for sheltering projects with the capacity to serve 100 individuals experiencing homelessness. Our office is committed to meeting the Mayor's challenge and doing so in a way that works with our neighborhoods, reflects community priorities, and brings resources to mitigate any impacts that accompany these efforts.

Space for 100 people may be created out of multiple smaller locations or one large location. With all 8 Council Districts, housing 100 people each for an average 6-month period, the City of Sacramento would be able to move 1,600 people a year into sable housing, taking our biggest stride on yet in addressing our City's homelessness crisis.

City best practice dictates the following guidelines for how these facilities would operate:
- Shelter clients will be brought in on a referral basis only, not walk-up, and;
- Impacts to adjacent neighborhoods will be similar to that of the North area shelter, and an FAQ for that shelter can be found here: http://bit.ly/NorthShelterFAQ

District 4 has limited location possibilities, and we need your help. Please take a moment to fill out the following survey.

Ideal sites to house 100 people would have the following characteristics:
- Be at least 1 acre in size
- Be on a paved surface
- Have access to utilities (water, electrical)
- Be near public transit
- Be near services (grocery store, health services, etc.)

If you have ideas for smaller sites, or existing buildings which could accommodate this use, even with minor modifications, please indicate them in the survey question below. For those who suggest sites, your suggestions will be reviewed by City staff for feasibility, and we may follow up with you with additional questions,

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