REST WITH ASSURANCE Brought To You By: Independent Family Consultant Oran Banks

We bring you the best funeral assistance plan in the United States!

To love is to PROTECT! 

Have you thought about how to have peace of mind when a loved one has passed?

Family Plans That  Protect Up To 7 People / Silver Plans Exclusively for People Between 66 and 75 Yrs Old 

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Plan  Holder's Information  
Plan   Holder's  First   Name :
Plan   Holder's  Last  Name :
Plan   Holder's Date Of Birth:
between 18 and 65 years old    
Home  Address : The correspondence will be mailed here. Address must belong in the US territory.:
Nationality  The country in which the holder was born in. Optionally, you may select US if the holder has double nationality:    
Email: Must be the holder’s valid email address
Cell Phone:  A four-digit verification code will be sent to this number via text message  .Please enter digits only
Emergency Contact:
Individual who will be contacted in case the plan holder can not be reached. Does not need to be a member of the plan. If protection is desired, he or she must be added as a member on the following page
 For   The Additional  6 Members
 Full Name:
 Country of Residence:   
Relationship To Plan Holder: 
Spouse   Children    Parents  In  Laws   Brothers  Sisters  Others 
Payer Email Address:
Payment can be submitted by any plan member.

There is a One-Time $30 Plan Enrollment Fee 
Payment Options:
Annual $1,020
2 Months Free On Annual Payments
Semi $510
$30 Plan Enrollment Fee Waived
Monthly $85
Must Pay 3 Months In Advance Getting Started

 Family  Plan 
 Silver  Plan       
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