Online Course: Becoming a 21st Century Teacher (Jan 2020)
Dear Teacher,

We will be offering the second online course for teachers named BECOMING A 21st CENTURY TEACHER from Jan 13 to Feb 12, 2020. It is a course that has modules on how to bring student-centred teaching and learning in your classroom. It has some topics on how you can use some technology tools to achieve your learning objectives. The course will be facilitated by a mix of school teachers, college instructors and administrators helping in the course moderation.

This is an entry survey for participants of the Online ICT Course for School Teachers. It intends to collect details about your domain, teaching experience and details about your school ICT infrastructure. The survey will take only 3 minutes to complete. PLEASE FILL IT ONCE.

You will receive a email (within 24 - 36 hrs) with details (username and password you share below) to login to the Learning Management System and access the course. If you do not receive any mail in 36 hrs, write to us at

Please note that your personal details will be kept strictly confidential and may be used sorely for research purposes.
1a. Your sex: *
1b. Your School/College/Institute Full Name (in Capital Letters):
1c.Location of Your School/College/Institute [town/city/State]
1d. Your Country Name (Write in CAPITAL LETTERS, eg KENYA) *
1e. Subject(s) you teach: *
1f. Your teaching experience: *
1g. Your Highest Educational Qualification: *
1h. Your age range: *
1i. Your active phone number (preferably one with WhatsApp: Include country code, eg +255 784660199):
1j. Do you have a Facebook account? *
2a. Do you own a computer (laptop or Desktop)? *
2b. Do you own a smartphone? *
2c. Does your school have electricity? *
2d. If yes to the question above, what is the most common source of power in your school?
Clear selection
2e. Does your school have a working computer lab? *
2f. What do you think is your purpose to join this Online course?[Write in TWO or more sentences] *
3a. Since this is an online course, you will need to be online for at least 5 hours per week to complete your lesson activities of the day? Will you complete all activities? *
3b. How many online courses have you completed with a certificate of completion? *
3c. How best do you learn? *
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