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New clients please contact first to discuss current availability and specific needs:

One 30-90 second video (in both horizontal and square formats) that shows the creation of one recipe of your choosing.

Videos can be ordered in bulk but you'll be limited to just 2 a week in order to accomodate to other clients.

Payments can be made through paypal to or through Venmo (@Holly-Waterfall)
(to help reduce fees, please pick Friends & Family - thank you greatly!)

Examples of my work:

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Thank you so much for your order! I can't wait to work with you!Please make sure you send me the full payment amount in order to get on the schedule. You can PayPal it to me - - or Venmo (@Holly-Waterfall) If it's coming from a different name/email, please leave that info below (to help reduce fees, please pick Friends & Family - thank you greatly!)
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