2020 AASA/ASBO Advocacy Feedback: Hill Visits and Conference Evaluation
Please take a few moments to fill out this form, which has two functions: to collect a quick recap of how your meetings (calls) with the hill went, any key information you want to relay back, and any meeting follow up you have for AASA/ASBO staff; and to collect your feedback on this year's conference, both what worked and where we can make improvements. Thank you, in advance, for your time and thoughts.
Please list your state
Who did you meet with? (Which Congressional offices?)
What topics were you able to cover from the provided talking points? Mark all that apply.
What other topics were you able to cover or discuss?
What topics resonated with your Congress members?
What, if any, actions will any of your Congress members be taking as a result of your meeting today?
What are the areas of follow up for the AASA advocacy team?
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General Conference Comment/Feedback 2
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