Pondathon - Miss A Side Quest? Let's Cast Some Time-Magic
If you missed getting a quest reward item, don't fret! Xiaolong and Varian have a bit of spare magic and have decided that they can cast a bit of time-magic (which is very rare and powerful magic!) to rewind the clock. But to cast time-magic, they are going to need your help.

Read about what you need to do to earn quest reward items of past side quests: http://thequietpond.com/2020/02/14/pondathon-breach-the-pond-has-been-breached

This is for Pondathon participants who missed previous quest reward items. Those who have already obtained the quest reward items do not need to do it again.

*This form is not a progress tracker. Please only submit this form if you have completed the side quest.*
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