Center Letter of Recommendation Request
I am honored to write a letter of recommendation for you, but in order to do my best and to make you sound your best, I need your help. If any of these questions don't work for you, just leave me a note and tell me what you're writing instead :)

Can you believe it's finally here? Remember when you were just a little sophomore sitting in AP Seminar and this day seemed soooooooooo far away? I do. I remember each of you and each of your quirks and personality traits, but you've clearly grown and that's what I want to showcase. That's what colleges want to see.

I promise to do my very best.

Sending you love and hugs, as always.

Mrs. Beaudoin
Which Center Scholar do I have the pleasure of writing a letter of rec for today?
What is your Weighted GPA
What is your highest SAT Score --yes, you can super score :)
How many AP class will you have taken by the end of this year?
What did you research in AP Seminar? Please list the titles of your research projects and for PTII, who did you work with and which lenses and perspectives did each of you take?
List your schools and your intended major and something special about the school, the major or how your research, or just you are a perfect fit. I know this is tedious, but I'd like to tailor some of your letters of rec, just a little. This can be a bulleted list: UCLA /BME - They have a ... that ... (try to write in specifics)
Each of your recommenders should highlight a different aspect of you and your amazingness :) What would you like me to focus on? This should be something that maybe doesn't immediately stand out in your application.
Thinking back to AP Seminar, what was your greatest strength that you realize now, but maybe didn't fully know you were capable of? Has this changed from then to now?
Was there one research project in AP Seminar that sparked joy or curiosity that helped you find your interest? What about that research lead you down a certain path? Or, was there something you thought you'd love, but it turned out otherwise? This, too, is valuable. Or maybe this happened last year in AP Research. You could let me know that, as well.
What was your AP Research project and, if it applies, did you continue your research this year. Try to include how this research inspired, adjusted and/or changed your attitude about your major, your interest, or your direction.
As a senior, how have you taken what you've learned in AP Seminar and AP Research and applied it to your current endeavor? Does this align with your intended major? If so, in what way?
What setback, struggle, hurdle or ___ did you experience over the last two years and what skills did you use to handle it?
How would you describe your ability to work in a group? Be honest. What are your strengths? How have you grown throughout your time in The Center in this area? Is this something that might be valuable based on your intended major? If so, let me know.
What did you "bring to the table" as a Center student? Yes, you are a research dynamo, yes, you are a #CenterScholar, but you're also a darn cool human being and the colleges would love to hear this.
Is there anything else you want to add or say?
Are you applying Early Decision or Early Action?
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