SURVEY: The Future of Benefits Premium Billing: 2020 and Beyond
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What percentage of your clients are requesting bill reconciliation? *
What percentage of your clients are requesting payment management? *
Do you currently offer or have you considered adding billing-related HRO services (i.e. bill consolidation and reconciliation) to your portfolio of services? *
Which benefit administration platform(s) do you or your clients use for enrollment? *
What do you find are the highest risks associated with incorrect benefits billing? *
Rate the importance of tracking paid and unpaid broker commissions against carriers: *
How do you track paid and unpaid broker commissions against carriers? *
How many FTEs are associated with your benefits billing operations? *
Benefits billing at my company is considered (check all that apply): *
What is the typical size (number of employees) of the companies you work with? *
What do you see as one of the most important benefits advancements or innovations to transform your business? *
How important is brand consistency in your invoice design? *
For existing or future billing services would you consider white labeling those services for a third-party platform? *
Rate the importance of having Direct Bill/Pay capability for voluntary benefits: *
What is your client's preferred method of premium payment? *
If you could wave a magic wand and improve one piece of benefits billing administration, what would that be? *
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