Project Description Questionnaire
These questions help us understand your project and it's scope in order to serve you better. Please note that PROJECT refers to a WEBSITE, APP, or SOFTWARE, or a combination of any.
If you require signing of a NON-DISCLOSURE AGREEMENT in order to fill this form, we would happily oblige.
Please note that the questions marked * are compulsory, but you can fill "to be discussed" or "nil" for questions you'll rather not answer or wish to answer later.
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Your name, phone number, email address, and company.
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Your industry, products and services etc.
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e.g. to sell products and services, to market services, to provide information to clients, for interaction with customers etc.
What would you like as your web address? (answer this if this project involves a website and you haven't purchased or already have a domain name)
Do you have content for this project or will content creation be a part of the scope of work? *
What form of content would this website have and is it available? e.g. web copy, photography, audio, videos?
List all the features you want on this project *
e.g. Live chat, E-commerce, a blog, ticketing system, forum, payment gateway etc.
How do you intend to manage and maintain this project after completion? *
Is there a technical / media department in your organization? Or a retainer with Mactavis?
Please list a few websites, apps or software in the same industry as your business that you admire and state why
What is your budget for this project? *
This is very important and helps us to know the appropriate infrastructure and functionalities we can offer you.
Who is/are the decision maker(s) on this project? *
Please include contact details
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