Java Exit Survey F17
This course is under development and is changing rapidly and student input is critical to that process. This is a chance for honest feedback on your first CCAC Java course -- please be as honest as possible for the benefit of students for years go come.
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...Java modeling
What work (projects, hamburgers, etc.) are you most proud of from this course?
Your answer
How much fun is java?
A total bore and a chore I'd rather never do again
A complete ball: Java all day and all night, please!
How much did taking this course IMPACT your answer to the previous question about Java being fun?
Not at all--My experience with Java has remained static
A whole bunch! This course affected my experience plenty
How inclined are you to pursue a job/career in computer programming related stuff?
Very inclined: It's my chosen and solidified career path
Not inclined at all: No programming for me!
How much did taking this course IMPACT your answer to the previous question about programming careers?
Not at all--I had my plan set before the class
A whole bunch! This course impacted my career interests substantially
Java DonutLand
Considering this course's overall style (rather informal, peppered with odd activities, no powerpoint slide decks), how much does it align with your learning style?
POORLY aligned: My style and this course's style don't mix
WELL ALIGNED: My learning preference aligns well with this course's style
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