Application form: PlayFight Club Zurich 1. 9. 2019
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We consider your application obligatory and if you can not attend for any reason, please write to, so we can offer your place to a person from a waiting list.
Due to the occurrence of participants who sign up and then do not come to the PlayFight Club without letting us know, we have introduced a cancellation fee. The fee is higher than the normal price itself because it is not only that the PlayFight Club lose because the participant did not attend, but at the same time it takes up the chance to attend for someone else from waiting list who would like to attend the meeting. Keep in mind that the maximum number of participants is 9, so each place is valuable.
If you do not come and do not let us know at least 24 hours in advance, we will ask you for a cancellation fee of 50 CHF. Thanks for understanding. *
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