CHURCH OF THE CITY NEW YORK Worship Team Audition Application

Dear Applicant,

We want to see the fame and deeds of God renewed in our time. The core of what
we desire to see happen through our worship is freedom for God's children. To see
ordinary people transformed into passionate, engaged followers and worshipers of
God our Father, Jesus and the Spirit.

Our vision is to create an environment of expectation where people have an encounter with
the Living God and are empowered to worship extravagantly in all of life. We're excited about your interest in applying!

Before you apply, please do three things:

1. Take the time to read our worship department handbook:

2. Look over our audition information to make sure you're able to attend:

- Spring 2019 OPEN Auditions are May 4th from 10:30am-1pm.
- Vocalists will be called from 10:15am-12pm. Musicians are called from 11:30am-1pm.
- Location: Funkadelic Studios located at 209 W 40th St, New York, NY 10018. Floor 5

3. These are the audition requirements:

Download the chord charts here:

Please come prepared to sing Reckless Love (Cory Asbury) for the audition. Due to the time frame constraints, you may be asked to stop short of the entire song, however be prepared to sing the song in its entirety.
- Men sing this is the key of F
-Women sing this is the key of B

You may be asked to sing these songs multiple times in different ways. Also, vocalists, PLEASE be prepared to harmonize to any of the following songs, Reckless Love or The Ascension.

If called back, please prepare the following songs:
Female vocalists: Mercy (Bethel Music)
-Women, key of F#
Male vocalists: The Ascension (Phil Wickham)
-Men, key of D

Please bring your instrument with you to the audition (keys and drums will be provided)

Keys/Synth: Do It Again (Elevation Worship)
Key of Bb

Drums: Mercy (Bethel Music), Do It Again (Elevation Worship)

Bass: Mercy (Bethel Music)
Key of F#

Electric: The Ascension (Phil Wickham)
Key of D

Acoustic: The Ascension (Phil Wickham)
Key of D

Strings: Do It Again (Elevation Worship)*
Key of Bb

*please create/prepare melodic lines to play during the intro, and bridge of the song.

Thank you for your interest in joining us on this mission.

Isaac and Emily Gay
Worship Pastors

(Copyright. Emily & Isaac Gay. Property of Church of the City New York).

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Area of Interest: Please select the area(s) you’re interested in. *
If instrument(s), which do you play?
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Are you proficient in the Nashville number system?
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If Vocalist: Voice Type:
How long have you been playing/singing? Briefly describe your experience. *
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Do you consider Church of the City, New York, to be your home church? *
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If yes, how long have you been attending COTC?
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If no, what church do you attend?
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Have you made a personal decision to follow Jesus Christ? *
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Do you have the Holy Spirit living within you? *
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Have you been water baptized? *
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Are you in a Community Group? *
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If so, who is your group leader?
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Sunday Gathering Availability
Please note- It is our expectation that our team members serve at both morning and evening
services. Our scheduling is based on need not preference. However, you would only ever be
scheduled for either the morning OR the evening services, never both, unless you would like to be.
What service do you normally attend? *
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Please select what best describes your availability for Sunday Gatherings: *
Prayer Room Team Availability
Our Worship Team serves in our Prayer Room Ministry. We believe this is the heart and soul of our team. It's in this place that we minister to Jesus, where we gain our fuel to pour ourselves out in our service to the church.

Our prayer room teams serve consistently each week for the whole of the ministry season, Fall/Spring, and are called at a half hour before the set and are dismissed 10 min after the prayer/worship session.

Are you willing to serve with one of our Prayer Room Teams? *
Please indicate your availability to serve in the prayer room
Let us know your top 3 preferred times in order of preference.
Your answer
Special Event Availability
Please note- This includes our Serving Community Night, Dwell, City Renewal Series,
Baptism Nights, Break the Soil, Retreats and any and all needs of the church that are out of
the usual schedule.
Please select what best describes your Special Event Availability: *
***As you can see, our team serves in many capacities.
Our audition process helps us to know where to place you to serve. It is possible to be placed on a Sunday Gathering Team/set, but not on a Prayer Room Team or vice versa. We thank you for your understanding as we
prayerfully consider where best to place you!
Do you give financially to support the mission of our church? *
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Have you been through the Serve Course? *
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Do you agree with COTC’s statement of faith? *
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Have you served on any teams in COTC before ? *
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If yes, which team and whom was your Team Leader?
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Why do you want to serve on the Worship Team? *
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Will you submit to your leaders? *
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Please share 2 pastoral/leader references (name & email or phone number) who you have served with in a ministry setting or can speak to your character.
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Thank you for completing your Worship Team Application Form!
We are excited to review this. You can expect to hear from us soon!

Happy are those who hear the joyful call to worship, for they will walk in the light of your presence, Lord.
Psalm 89:15

Again, please remember:

1. Take the time to read our worship department handbook:

2. Look over our audition information:

- Winter OPEN Auditions are Dec. 8th from 10:30am-1pm.
- Vocalists will be called from 10:30am-12pm. Musicians are called from 11:30am-1pm.
- Location: Funkadelic Studios located at 209 W 40th St, New York, NY 10018. Floor 5, Studio 1

We email you shortly with additional audition information so that you can be as prepared as possible. See you soon!

Thank you!

Isaac and Emily Gay
Worship Pastors

(Copyright. Emily & Isaac Gay. Property of Church of the City New York).

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