Church Law - Self Assessment Quiz
Please take our Church Law Self Assessment Quiz to determine what areas your church might need to work on to improve its legal health:
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Does your church have a set of bylaws that has been reviewed by a committee and/or attorney within the last 5 years? *
Does your church protect children by running a national criminal background check on all potential childcare and youth workers? *
Does your church protect children by having a set of policies that each childcare or youth worker is trained on regularly? *
Do you have an identification system that matches parents/guardians with children (e.g. stickers with a special code on both the parent and child that match)? *
Do you have a set of policies about who takes up offerings, counts the money, how it is stored, when it is deposited, and how deposit amounts are cross-checked? *
Does your church have either an external or internal audit performed each year by trained professionals? *
Does someone other than the pastor or church secretary regularly balance the church accounts to ensure their accuracy? *
Does your church have an attorney review all contracts of more than $5,000 before the church signs such contracts? *
Does your church have an employee handbook that each employee is trained on at least annually? *
Do you regularly check church vehicles for proper maintenance and regularly check church buildings for safety issues? *
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