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Thank you for expressing interest in learning more about The Live Connect and our mobile STEM Truck experiences. Our team brings STEM activities to students all across South Carolina. We engage students in hands-on STEM activities that expose them to potential career paths in STEM fields. We are launching our "Ask An Expert" network to allow students to see real people who are currently working in STEM fields. This will also provide a medium for those students to ask our experts questions about their personal journeys and career choices.

We want to create a diverse network of experts to reach the kids that interact with our STEM truck. Please visit our website at to learn more about our services and fill out our form below to join our network. Your participation will allow you to inspire many children across South Carolina and possibly impact to future trajectories of their lives.

By filling out this form, we ask that you will be featured on our website with a small bio related to your expertise. Our students will be allowed to browse our experts page and email potential questions to those individuals. Our ask is that you respond to the questions that you are asked within a 2-week time frame.

Thank you in advance for helping us to inspire the next generation of STEM students!
Please contact De'Aira Bryant at if you have any immediate questions or concerns.

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