Speaker Questions - Dr. Bettina Love
We are pleased to present Dr. Bettina Love as one of our 2020 BOOST Keynote speakers. Do you have a relevant and thoughtful question for Dr. Love? Help guide and shape the community conversation and submit your relevant, thoughtful question to us. The BOOST Leadership Team will be choosing submissions to guide Dr. Bettina Love's keynote address on Thursday, April 30th at the 2020 BOOST Conference.

Submission deadline: October 1, 2020
*There will not be any live Q&A during Dr. Love's keynote address.
Dr. Bettina Love
Dr. Bettina Love is one of the field’s most esteemed educational researchers in the area of Hip Hop education. Her research focuses on the ways in which urban youth negotiate Hip Hop music and culture to form social, cultural, and political identities to create new and sustaining ways of thinking about urban education and intersectional social justice. Her work is also concerned with how teachers and schools working with parents and communities can build communal, civically engaged schools rooted in intersectional social justice for the goal of equitable classrooms.

Read more about Dr. Bettina Love here: http://www.boostconference.org/bettina-love
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