The 2019 Redgal Musings Blog Survey!!!
Thanks for checking out this survey!!! I really super duper appreciate your feedback
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Are you excited for my upcoming 2019 blog content?
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What Content from 2018 did you MOST enjoy?
Was there a post you remember enjoying the most?
Do you have a topic you think I should write a discussion post about?
Several people have mentioned that would enjoy more posts about my writing. The next few questions will ask more specific questions to help me craft these posts!
What questions do you have about my writing?
Which writing posts would you like to see?
Is there a writing post that has been helpful to you?
When it comes to writing, what kind of help posts do you want to read?
Now for some questions about books!
Should I post regular book reviews?
Which is better - reviews for backlist titles or new books?
Now for some demographic questions 😊
Which age range are you?
Are you a book blogger?
Do you talk about books on another platform, such as Twitter, Youtube, or Instagram
How did you discover my blog?
Final Questions!
Any recommendations for 2019 content?
Or any other thing you'd like to say?
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