SANCF Youth National Selection Event 2019
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If "No" to wearing a Helmet, please send a letter to indicating that you, as the parent/s or guardian/s of the competitor, are confirming that your child does not need to wear a helmet in the event and you take all and full responsibility in the event of your child being injured during the competition and having an injury resulting due to them not wearing a helmet. *
During these events, opportunities arise to share accomplishments and activities. In order to achieve this, we (or our designated photographers) may take photographs, voice recordings, video recordings and other visual and audio documentation of participants while they engage in activities during the event. The SANCF and WCC may share these images or recordings in event publications and marketing materials (both digital and print) and we may also share these media images and recordings with newspapers, TV stations and other print and digital media publications, where appropriate, for marketing and prosperity purposes. Such publications may include but are not limited to: publicly displayed photographs, press releases, interviews, advertising brochures, newspaper articles, newsletters and any social media platforms. Please indicate below whether you consent to these media images being gathered and published. I hereby irrevocably consent without royalty or any other compensation of any kind, to the use, for any lawful purpose, images/film/voice recordings from these events for myself or my child in the event the competitor is a minor. *
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