Prana Vinyasa 300 hr Teacher Training Application Form
We are delighted to invite you to our 300hr Prana Vinyasa® teacher training program.

Prana Vinyasa is a certification that merges the great rivers of Tantra, Yoga, Ayurveda, Buddhist Philosophy and much more. The approach to learning is at once embodied, ecstatic, creative and synthesis-oriented, and is especially complimentary to the self-motivated yoga practitioner who wants to integrate diverse life experience under the Great Tree of Yoga. We aim to provide our teachers with a broad and deep base of Vinyasa Flow, by which they are empowered to live and teach Prana Vinyasa® Yoga.

The entire program offers teachers over twenty sun salutations, as well as fifteen Prana Vinyasa® series, that encompass the full range of yogic experience— from meditation to advanced asanas—as potent forms of activism and service.
Our dynamic approach to the art of living and embodying yoga is supported by the 270 contact hours with our skilled and devoted faculty, and by heart- inspiring “Om Work” for your further contemplation.

Your study of Prana Vinyasa® will be both practical and experiential, bringing you into the rhythm of your life as a householder and a teacher. We seek to guide practitioners toward balance and integration: of the ancient roots and modern methodology of Yoga with the teacher’s freedom to discover and express an evolutionary and liberated path of study and practice — with Shiva and all other teachers.

Our program is the only 300hr training in the DC metro area that provides …
*Small group sessions and public classes with master teacher and guide Shiva Rea
*In depth discussion and application of all aspects of the practice
*Weekend intensives and access to amazing teachers in our greater global tribe
*No additional travel or lodging expenses- this training is all inclusive and in your home city!
*A unique interface with Prana Vinyasa as a living yoga practice, and as such, comprises a constantly evolving and expanding canon of teachings

We are open to Yoga students with at least one year of active study in asana-based Yoga practices. If you have not completed a 200hr but would like to participate in our training, please contact for more information (training may be completed for 200hr credit with 100hr toward 500hr, per student basis)
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1. Pay in full by January 1st: $4,492

2. Biannual payment plan:
$2,300 due January 1
$2,300 due May 1

3. Quarterly payment plan:
$1,150 due January 1
$1,150 due April 1
$1,150 due May 1
$1,150 due July 1

4. Monthly payment plan:
$575 due January 1
$575 due February 1
$575 due March 1
$575 due April 1
$575 due May 1
$575 due June 1
$575 due July 1
$575 due August 1
$575 due October 1

5. A la carte payment option:
Please send an email to indicating which weekend module(s) you would like to take. We will connect on pricing based on that plan.

Email for payment links and additional information.
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