{Intuitive Alchemy Mentorship}
Hey Beauty!

You're here... yay! :) I deeply honour you as I know it's taken courage to arrive to this moment. I am also so excited for you because I know there is SO much abundance, expansion, beauty, and magic awaiting as you take your next steps.

The Intuitive Alchemy Mentorship is for established leaders who have already created significant success and amazing things in the world, and are now feeling the soul calling to go DEEPER - deeper into their spiritual connection, deeper into their intuitive gifts, deeper into divine prosperity (inner fulfillment and actualized abundance), and deeper into their purpose and impact on the planet. This is for you if you're really ready to LAND in your next level (quantum leap and live in your highest potential!) and you know you want Spirit to lead the way.

I invite you to take a moment now, to drop into your heart, take a few deep, grounding breaths, and then enjoy the process of answering the questions below.

I look forward to reading through your application and getting to know you. Upon approval, I will be in touch with you to set up your complimentary Intuitive Breakthrough Session where we'll really dive in together to see if this is a divinely aligned fit.

With love,
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What is your favourite song? (I love connecting with people through music.) *
Have you worked with a coach or mentor before? If yes, please share with who, when, and what the biggest gift you received from that container(s) was. *
Tell me a little about yourself, your life, your work, and what you are passionate about. (Don't hold back - I want to get to know you!) *
What area(s) of your life and work are you desiring to shift right now? Where are you being called to grow within and with out? (The more open you are with me, the better I can support you.) *
What is your current regular income, what do you desire for it to be, and why? *
How would you LOVE life to look and feel over the next year? (Tell me about your deepest desires and biggest dreams for yourself and the world.) *
Why do you feel you are drawn to having me support you? What do you believe the support of this opportunity will offer you? *
What is your primary intention in doing this beautiful work together? Why does it matter *so* much to you? What do you believe you personally will gain through this experience and how will that benefit the world? As you continue to grow financially, how do you plan to contribute more to the world at large? *
What makes you an AMAZING client to work with? *
On a scale of 1-10, how ready are you to commit your time, energy, and finances into receiving the support to totally align with your dreamiest reality and SOUL? (1 meaning, "Meh... This isn't very important to me and I am not committed at all right now." 10 meaning, "This is incredibly important to me and I'm ready to make this happen NOW!") *
What else are you called to share about your commitment level? *
Do you believe in magic, really and truly? *
Where did you first find/connect with me? *
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