New Student Orientation Quiz
Below is a 27-question quiz over the 2018-2019 Student Handbook. Receiving a passing score on this quiz will complete the requirements of your New Student Orientation.
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The mission of Austin Graduate School of Theology is to promote knowledge, understanding, and _________ of the Christian faith as taught in the Scriptures.
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All students are expected to be diligent in attendance and participation in the life of the local Church.
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Chapel services are held __________ at Austin Grad during the fall and spring semesters.
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Any undergraduate student taking at least ____ hours per semester and any graduate student taking at least ____ hours per semester is considered a full-time student.
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Students do not need to make prior arrangements with faculty regarding excused absences, guests, and taping of lectures.
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If a student receives a grade of “I” (Incomplete) in the fall semester, and does not complete the work by __________, the grade will automatically become an “F”.
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Students are not required to pay for books lost or otherwise unreturned.
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TexShare allows students to access virtually all public and academic libraries in the state.
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Student transcripts will be released even with outstanding library books or fees.
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Textbooks and essential tools for theological studies can be purchased from the bookstore on campus.
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Plagiarism is a student action that is subject to academic discipline.
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Plagiarism is
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A student’s failure to abide by the Academic Discipline and Personal Discipline policies will make him or her subject to discipline, which may include dismissal from the School.
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Austin Graduate School of Theology maintains a Christian discipline, promoting a way of life that is intended to uphold the teachings of ____________, calling all people to God’s truth.
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Austin Grad’s Technology Policies only apply to employed staff and faculty.
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Austin Graduate School of Theology does not discriminate in the administration of its educational or admissions policies, in the awarding of financial aid through scholarships, grants, work-study or loan programs, or in any other school program.
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According to Austin Grad’s Grievance Policy, any student with a grievance regarding academic, student, or financial matters, or any issue related to their life and work at Austin Grad, should first appeal to the President.
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Tutoring is available to any student during the school year.
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The ____________________ strives to provide for orderly representation and communication of student opinion throughout the Austin Grad community.
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A pass code system at all public entry points is a feature used to promote safety on the campus of Austin Grad.
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The library link on Austin Grad's website lists helpful links for internet research in the following areas: general studies, biblical studies, and historical studies.
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In the event of an emergency evacuation, unless otherwise directed, assemble
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In an emergency, Austin Grad will notify students by
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Campus Safety statistics are
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I am aware that I can access the Student Handbook online at any time, and I agree to abide by the policies stated therein while enrolled as a student.
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Austin Grad's students (both online and on-campus) have access to more than 211,000 full-text digital articles and book reviews.
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Student - Course syllabi can be found on the home page of the website by clicking on the "Course schedule and Syllabi" link under the Quick Links section. This will take you to the course schedule page. The syllabus for each course is found by clicking on the appropriate term (ie Fall, Spring, or Summer) and then clicking on the name of the course for which you are needing the syllabus. The course name will be bolded if there is a syllabus available. Navigate your way to the course schedule page and copy and paste the title and first paragraph of a syllabus below. *Don't worry about it reformatting when you paste it. The point is to make sure that you can successfully find the syllabi.
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