2019 Teacher-Powered Day Planning Survey
With the official launch of our Teacher-Powered Regional Networks, we are excited to announce our first regional Teacher-Powered Day on November 9, 2019. The day is intended for teams already teaching and leading at teacher-powered, student-centered schools in Minnesota and Wisconsin.

Led by our Minnesota and Wisconsin ambassadors, the day is designed for innovative leaders to improve your collaborative leadership practices in an informal setting. Make new connections, brainstorm with fellow teacher-powered teams, and share your own team's best practices. An emphasis on the day is to build stronger more consistent ways communication flows between network members beyond this day and throughout the year.

This is a day for all of you and we would love your input on design, format, and priorities for the event. Please complete this anonymous form and help plan the day.

Identify your top 2 priorities for the day
Which of the following activities would you most like to participate in on the day? Please choose your top 3
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