WV Sound Foundry FREE Summer Sessions
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WV Sound Foundry Classes

These groups will help develop confidence and sense of community by improving musical skills and allowing students to creatively express themselves.

• Music performance groups for all musical abilities, ages 8 - adult.
• Students will be placed in groups by age and skill level.
Each group will meet weekly for rehearsal.
• Summer performances may be scheduled based on venue availability, rehearsal  time, and schedule.
• A live performance by each group will be scheduled during the Fall 2024 session (see info below).
WV Sound Foundry Summer 2024 Schedule

WV Sound Foundry is looking for new students to join our band-style performance groups. Groups will meet weekly over the summer to build a setlist for upcoming performances in the Fall. Summer performances may be scheduled depending on venue availability, rehearsal time to learn new songs, and schedules.

Please note this is a FREE opportunity for students to participate in a performance group. Students will have the opportunity to sign up for a performance group in the Fall. This is a great opportunity for students to get to know other band mates and ensure a performance group is something they are interested in without a monetary commitment initially.

Looking for the following (beginner - advanced):
  • vocals
  • guitar (electric, acoustic, bass)
  • drums
  • keys
Does your child play another instrument? Reach out and let us know!
WV Sound Foundry Tuition Payment

Summer 2024 performance group tuition is waived

Fall 2024 tuition fees can be paid via credit card/Paypal/Venmo here:

Paypal/Venmo username for tuition @wvsoundfoundry
Parent/Guardian's Name
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Days/Times (or specific dates) that do NOT work for your schedule *
NOTE: Rehearsals will consist of 1-1.5 hour weekly sessions, depending on student(s)/performance groups availability.
Song Suggestions *
List any specific songs, artists, or genres you're interested in playing. Instructors will take these suggestions into consideration when collaboratively selecting songs for the group, based on instrumentation, content, and skill level.
Is the student currently taking private lessons? *
Is the student interested in taking private lessons? *
Learning Materials Preference *
Note: selection can be changed once sessions start. This just gives the instructors a better understanding of preferred learning method for practicing. All students will receive one-on-one instruction during rehearsals.
Class / Workshop Enrollment *
Additional Information
Please add anything additional you feel may help us get to know you better.
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